MiniGUI online documentation   •  This manual is included in the MiniGUI distribution as MiniGUI.chm in the \Doc folder.

WinReport library online documentation •  This manual is included in the MiniGUI distribution as WinReport.chm in the\Doc folder.

Harbour documentation

Harbour Reference Guide  •

Harbour Functions Dictionary  •

How to use hbmk2  •  •  hbmk2 is a Tool that allows you to compile sample and large projects.

Official xHarbour Project  •

Wikipedia article on Harbour  •

Application Development with Harbour  •  •  A Wikibooks online book that aims to fully document Harbour. Open to public editing.

Documentation for Harbour  •  •  Online Harbour Manual.

VivaClipper  •  •  Online Clipper Manual and more.

Borland C++ 5.8  documentation  How To Configure Borland® C++ 5.8

Harbour support sites

Help and support group for users of Harbour  •!forum/harbour-users

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